Explorer Cross Training Event

February 29, 2020 @ 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Bob Bolen Safety Complex, FWPD Training Academy
505 W Felix St
Fort Worth
TX 76115
Officer Thomas DeLong (CERT Coordinator)

The last weekend of February the FWPD Explorer Program is hosting a cross-training event for North Texas Law Enforcement Explorers. There will be a number of agencies from across the Metroplex represented besides FWPD this weekend and attendance is expected to 80 to 100 Explorers and a number of Police Officers who will be judges, actors and help facilitate this event.

The cross-training will include a number of different scenarios in the FWPD Mock Village, a NEVO Course on the driving Track, the Shooting Simulator, just to mention a few.

Officer Rebecca Woodward has asked if some of the FW CERT members would be able to help with this event. The help she is seeking is for: Actors and Role Players in scenarios, assisting her with set up and monitoring of staging area, and other such needs.